August 29, 2023

Unlocking the Secrets of NFT Investments with Scopescan

Navigating the tempestuous waters of NFT investments can be daunting. But what if I told you that, as with most things, data might just be the guiding star you need? Enter Scopescan NFT Explorer, a powerful tool designed to provide a panoramic view of the NFT marketplace.

The Magic Behind the Numbers

Starting Point

To begin, launch the [Scopescan NFT Explorer] and input the name of your desired NFT collection. For illustrative purposes, we’ll use Milady as our subject.

Demystifying Holder Counts

Upon accessing Milady’s page, you’ll observe two distinct holder counts — 3579 and 3079. But what do they symbolize? The former represents the number of Ethereum addresses possessing the NFT, whereas the latter denotes the actual entities. This differentiation emerges because some holders possess multiple addresses for the same NFT. Scopescan’s Entity algorithm harmonizes this by considering these as a singular holder.

Calculating the Holder Ratio

To derive a clearer understanding, compute the actual holder ratio: 3079 divided by 3579, which is approximately 0.86. Remarkably, most NFTs manifest a ratio around 0.85, suggesting that the distribution for #Milady is remarkably even with no clandestine whales lurking in the waters.

Liquidity — The NFT Lifeline

Liquidity is, unequivocally, the lifeblood of NFTs. A paucity of it transforms trading into a speculative risk. By scrutinizing the Daily Stats and Trading Volume sections, you can ascertain trends in active entities and trading volume, ensuring you’re always prepped for potential liquidity challenges.

The Whale Watch

It’s essential to monitor the ‘big players’ or whales, particularly those with vast holdings. Their trading activities, especially selling, can drastically impact an NFT’s floor price. Be vigilant!

Stay Alert with Scopescan

Activate Scopescan’s alert feature, allowing you to effortlessly track these prominent addresses and receive instantaneous notifications concerning their transactions.

Delving into Holder Analysis

Dive deeper into the analytical realm by visiting the Holders Analysis page. Here, you can glean invaluable insights such as specific holder addresses, trends, the diamond-to-paper hand ratio, and recent whale activities. It’s an Aladdin’s cave of insights tailored for the discerning investor.

Spotting the Champions

Head over to the Profit Leaderboard to identify the most successful traders. Some have accrued profits tallying in hundreds of Ethereum. Ponder over their strategies and learn.

To successfully navigate the NFT market, knowledge is key. By harnessing tools like Scopescan, investors can pivot from a stance of uncertainty to one of informed strategy.

Begin your journey of discovery with your favorite NFTs on [Scopescan NFT Explorer].

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