Before trading crypto,
ask Scopechat

Navigate crypto markets wisely with Scopechat insights and trade like a pro with Web3's most powerful AI trading assistant


Scopechat: The AI trading assistant built on top of the 0xScope Web3 AI Data Layer

All-day Trading Assistant

The smartest token data analysis assistant at your service 24/7

Trade like a Pro

Evaluate whether a token is worth buying from multiple perspectives

Blockchain Library

Have questions about blockchain knowledge, tokens, or projects?

On-chain Tracker

Stay informed about every move on the blockchain with Scopechat

Holdings Management

Scopechat analyzes your holdings daily after token purchases

Always There

Accessible on web, tablet, and mobile – always by your side

Discover Scopechat's Key Features

Leverage Scopechat AI to catch the latest Web3 trends and data and grow you trading portfolio faster.

AI Recommendation

Let Scopechat's dashboards help you discover the next big tokens in Web3

Intelligent Analytics Graphs

Scopechat automatically generates interactive graphs for your Web3 questions

Trading Insights

Scopechat goes beyond answering your questions; it can guide you on your next moves.

How Scopechat helps you land that alpha

1.Select a trading strategy

Open the Scopechat Trading Assistant, choose your preferred trading style, and check the corresponding token dashboards to spot assets with high potential.

2.Find the token that’s right for you

Go from exploration to in-depth analysis just by clicking a token in your selected dashboard.

3.Let AI guide you

Within seconds, Scopechat generates a comprehensive analysis report on any token that you're interested in.

4.Save tokens in your watchlist and never miss an opportunity

Save your favorite tokens into your watchlist, and set alerts based on your metrics of interest

Give it a try

It’s time to outsmart the market.

Trade like a Pro with Web3's most powerful AI trading assistant. Before trading crypto, ask Scopechat.