September 12, 2023

Scopescan Live Statistics: Your one-stop hub for Web3 stats

In the fast-moving world of Web3, alpha goes to who gets and acts on important data the quickest. The faster a trader or investor can spot a winning trend, the earlier he can position his portfolio for maximum profitability. And the competition is even fiercer in Web3, which runs 24/7 and exhibits higher peaks and lower valleys than perhaps any other major market.

With this in mind, Scopescan has created the Live Statistics dashboard. At Scopescan, you can effortlessly track all vital aspects of the Web3 industry through Live Statistics, such as:

✅ Popular smart contracts

✅ Activity levels of notable industry players

✅ Exchanges’ latest rankings and important information

✅ Institutional trading moves

✅ Stablecoin data

Having a tool that gives you a quick yet holistic view of the Web3 industry is a game-changing advantage that puts you ahead of the trend and burnishes your reputation as a Smart Money investor.

Read on to learn more about the features of the LIve Statistics dashboard.

Top Gas Spender/Consumer: Spot active address & popular contracts

With the Top Gas Spender and Consumer rankings, you can quickly take a look at the addresses that are using the highest amounts of $ETH on gas fees. When gas fees trend upward, it’s usually a sign that there’s significant market movement on the horizon.

The Top Gas Spenders list consists of the addresses that have spent the most amount of $ETH over the past hour or 24 hours (you can pick from either of the two view modes). An address that uses up high amounts of fees to send assets could be worth looking into to observe its activity and spot trends in its user’s behavior.

Meanwhile, the Top Gas Consumer list is a rundown of the smart contracts or addresses that have consumed a lot of gas over the past hour or day.

On-chain Active Users: Spot high points in user activity

If a place attracts many people, it likely offers numerous opportunities, and the same goes for Web3. The On-chain Active Users dashboard tracks the daily number of unique addresses and entities that were active on the network as a sender. You can look into activity levels over the past 24 hours, 7 days, or 30 days, for quick comparison on whether the trend you’re looking into is a one-off event or a sign of a major change in the markets.

CEX Deposit/Withdrawal Rankings: See what goes in and out of exchanges

Exchanges remain the primary hubs for major trading activities, so keeping an eye on token deposits and withdrawals is key to moving ahead of the market. For instance, when a particular token has massive deposits into CEXs, or centralized exchanges, expect potential sell-offs for that token. Hence, being aware of token trends in exchanges makes the difference between selling early before the crash and ending up holding a bag of coins you can’t offload.

With the CEX Deposit and Withdrawal ratings, you can track a token’s net inflow, outflow, and more info over the past hour or 24 hours. You can also choose to display only altcoins to further refine your search and analysis.

VC Large Movements and Top CEX Transactions: Stand on the shoulders of giants

Institutional trades provide deeper insights on what VCs think will be the next big thing. They often have more information as investors and act ahead of the crowd. Monitoring their actions can enhance your investment strategy.

On that end, we have two lists that proactively display the biggest trades over the past hour or day. VC Large Movements track the actions being made by notable venture capital funds in the Web3 space, while Top CEX Transactions highlight huge market movements that are not from VCs but are also notable in their own right due to other factors such as volumes, whale behavior, and links to Web3’s top companies. On both charts, you’ll get a quick insight into what the big players are doing, so that you can capitalize on these moves for your own benefit.

Stablecoin Leaderboard and Mint vs Burn: Take a quick pulse on Web3

The quantity of stablecoins in the market can give traders a quick glance at the general market sentiment, whether bullish or bearish. A growing stablecoin supply signals investor confidence, hinting at a more active market with opportunities.

The Stablecoin Leaderboard displays the total supply of various stablecoins on Ethereum, as well as the supply changes in different periods of time. Meanwhile, the Stablecoin Mint vs Burn chart shows the net change on the total supply of stablecoins, calculated as minted amount minus burned amount. A quick assessment of these two dashboards is a useful habit in terms of determining the right time to move in the Web3 market.

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