August 17, 2023

Introducing Scopescan Smart Money V2

We’re excited to share the latest update for Scopescan Smart Money! This version is packed with even more insights to help you make smarter investment choices. Here’s what’s new:

Quick Overview:

  • Enhanced Real-time Metrics: All Smart Money performance metrics are grounded in the achievements of the preceding 30 days.
  • Deeper Insights: You can explore the top-performing tokens of Smart Money, alongside their average cost and Realized Percentage.
  • Comprehensive View: Access a comprehensive overview of Smart Money’s every move across the blockchain.

Find more details below👇🏻

1. What is Smart Money?

With defined smart money the top 1000 addresses that have shown the best token trading performance in the last 30 days.

🤔You may wonder, how is “best performance” defined?

We calculate their overall performance based on metrics like ROI, Profit, Win Rate, and Investment Diversity etc,.

🤔Why 30 days?

This 30-day window ensures we highlight the most successful and active addresses in the current market.

2. Performance Snapshot

In this section, we present a graphical comparison of Smart Money’s performance against BTC.

As shown in the graph below, in the past month, following Smart Money’s actions could have led to a 179% profit, while holding BTC would have resulted in a -3.7% return.

3. Top Tokens Smart Money Profited From

Curious about the tokens Smart Money has profited from? Check out the chart below. You can see that Smart Money has gained the most from $Bitcoin, $Unibot, and $Mog in the past month. If you are considering purchasing these tokens, pay close attention to the following indicators:

  • Net Flow indicates whether Smart Money is still buying (negative values suggest a preference for selling).
  • Avg Cost reveals their average purchase cost over the past month, aiding your understanding of reasonable entry prices.
  • Realized Percentage shows the proportion of the purchased tokens that have been sold. A high ratio might indicate an unreasonable buy-in.
  • Avg ROI represents Smart Money’s profit multiple on a given token, but beware of sudden sell-offs.
  • Beyond the 30-day view, clicking on the 1-day or 7-day buttons provides even timelier information.

On the right side of the graph, we also track recent activities of the top 1000 Smart Money addresses. By observing their interactions with contracts, you can gain insights into whether they are trading tokens, NFTs, or hunting specific airdrops.

4. Smart Money Recent Moves

Compared to previous versions, we have expanded the details of Smart Money’s transaction history, including timestamps, addresses, amounts, costs, and pathways. You can also use the 1/7/30-day buttons to access transaction information for different time periods.

Additionally, you have the option to sort transactions by time or amount to meet your preferences for timeliness and investment volume.

5. Smart Money Leaderboard

Desiring a closer examination of individual Smart Money addresses?

Merely select the ‘Leaderboard’ tab to unveil a ranked list organized according to transactional performance. Notably, within this iteration, you possess the capability to arrange the leaderboard in accordance with distinct metrics, including ROI, Net Profit, and Latest Trade Time. This functionality caters to your specific requirements for evaluating multiples, porfit amounts, and timeliness.

We hope this update to smartmoney will make you a better investor and elevate your trading skills.

Thank you for reading this far. Access ScopeScan Smart Money through the link below:

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