November 14, 2023

Signing Up for Scopechat Early Access

The 0xScope team recently introduced Scopechat, the new Web3 AI-powered personal assistant that provides real-time data and insights on any crypto-related question. Backed by 0xScope's wide-coverage, high-quality data warehouse, AI-driven algorithm, and the power of LLM, Scopechat leverages public and proprietary data sets to deliver accurate, comprehensive answers to any Web3-related questions you type in.

As part of this unveiling, we have launched an early-access program for people who are excited to try Scopechat ASAP. In this blog, we will guide you step by step on how you can do the following:

1. Join the Scopechat waitlist and get a chance to score early access privileges.

2. Start earning Scopepoints to increase your chances of winning Scopechat early access and unlocking more 0xScope perks.

3. Refer your friends to Scopechat to get more Scopepoints.

4. Join the 0xScope Telegram and Discord communities to win more Scopepoints.

Signing up for the Scopechat waitlist

Here's how to start your Scopechat journey:

1. Join the Scopechat waitlist here:

2. Check your inbox for an email from the 0xScope team. The email would look like this:

IMPORTANT NOTE: In case you don't see an email from the 0xScope team in your inbox, please don't forget to check your spam. We've received feedback from the community that some of the emails end up being in spam, and our team is fixing this.

3. In the email, click/tap the Verify Account button to confirm that you're joining the Scopechat waitlist.

4. You will be directed to your Scopechat profile page, where you can see that you have earned 3 Scopepoints for signing up for the waitlist.

What are Scopepoints?

To further incentivize the growth of Scopechat and the rest of the 0xScope ecosystem, the 0xScope team has also introduced Scopepoints, a new points system that allows early adopters to unlock additional functionalities and future community rewards.

Once you complete your registration for the Scopechat waitlist, you gain 3 Scopepoints. But wait, there's more! Click/tap the Let's Go button to see your Scopechat dashboard and check the actions that you can take to add more Scopepoints.

Remember: Earning more Scopepoints gives you a better chance to get early access to Scopechat.

How to refer friends to Scopechat

There are three ways to add Scopepoints to your Scopechat profile: by referring Scopechat to your friends, by joining the 0xScope Telegram group, and by joining the 0xScope Discord group. Here are the steps for inviting your friends to Scopechat.

1. Go to your Scopechat profile page, where you can see two ways to refer friends: by sending a direct invitation and through a referral link.

2. To send a direct invitation via email, you can start using the Send an Invitation panel to enter your friend's details, like their email address, name, and role in the Web3 space. Once that's done, complete the hCaptcha check and click/tap the Send an Invitation button.

3. You can also share your referral link to your social media accounts or even directly to your friends.

Once your friends complete their registration through your link or direct invitation, you can see their status in your Scopechat profile, like this:

How to get more Scopepoints

There are more ways to earn Scopepoints, specifically by joining our Discord and Telegram groups.

Get +2 Scopepoints by joining our Discord group! Here are the steps:

1. Go to the Discord tab on your Scopechat profile page and click/tap Join Discord.

2. You will be redirected to the Discord invite link to the 0xScope group. Once you're done with joining the Discord group, go back to your Scopechat profile page and click/tap the Verify Now button.

3. You will be redirected to the 0xScope bot screen. To complete the process, click/tap the Authorize button to allow the 0xScope bot to verify your Discord membership.

4. Get your 2 bonus Scopepoints.

You can get an additional 2 Scopepoints when you also join the 0xScope Telegram group. It's similar to the steps you took for the Discord task. Here's how:

1. Go to the Telegram tab of your Scopechat profile and click/tap the Join Telegram button.

2. Once you join the Telegram group, go back to your Scopechat profile page and click/tap the Verify Now button.

3. You will be redirected to a prompt (see below) that notifies you about the 0xScope Bot that we use to check your membership status. Allow 0xScope bot to verify your Telegram membership by clicking/tapping the Accept button.

4. Get your 2 Scopepoints.

This is what your dashboard looks like when you complete the Discord/Telegram tasks alongside your Scopechat waitlist registration. Earn more points by inviting more friends to Scopechat.

Stay tuned for more updates on our ongoing Scopechat early access campaign by following our links below.

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