July 18, 2023

0xScope Unveils Strategic Rebranding: Introducing Scopescan and Revamped Brand Logo!

We at 0xScope are excited to introduce our rebranding plan, which aims to enhance the perception of our B2B and B2C brands. Going forward, our suite of B2B SaaS offerings will fall under the revamped 0xScope brand, while our B2C product Watchers will change its name to Scopescan.

The decision behind this rebranding was driven by customers’ feedback. For instance, despite the popularity of the B2C product Watchers, we received numerous comments expressing confusion over its relationship with 0xScope. Some users believed them to be analytics solutions offered by separate companies. To address this issue and provide clarity, we decided to rename Watchers as Scopescan.

The new name, Scopescan, better reflects the product’s features and aligns with the company’s vision. The term “scan” highlights the scanning capabilities and functionalities of the product, making it more relevant and easily understood by consumers. Scopescan will keep offering the unique functionalities for which it is loved by its users. These include “Entity Analysis”, where users can analyze the behaviour of an Entity (the totality of addresses which belong to a company or a person) starting from a single address this Entity owns and “Smart Money”, a dashboard that clearly reports the top 100 traders and their behavior on each blockchain.

It is important to note that this rebranding is solely focused on the company’s branding strategy and aims to strengthen its position in the market. While this rebranding may seem like a bold move, it bears no impact on the services and solutions we offer. This transformation aims at enhancing our brand identity and elevating the overall user experience, making it even more seamless, intuitive, and memorable.

While building an open-source data layer where people can upload and use Web2 and Web3 data, we are offering powerful analytical products powered by this data layer. These products empower users to take the right decisions just like the North Star guides travelers through unknown paths. This is why we adopted variations of the North Star as a logo for both 0xScope and Scopescan. We want you to be able to find your north, to see constelations where others see just stars.

Scopescan allows crypto traders to investigate the movements of funds and activities of selected blockchains.

0xScope SaaS products empower businesses to do post investment management, take better investment decisions, know their users‘ behavior and closely monitor competitive moves.

“Turn your questions into answers” said Raffaele, CMO of 0xScope, adding, “Our tagline wants to be simple yet conveys a sense of empowerment and transformation.”

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