May 9, 2024

New on Scopechat: AI Score, Prompts, Event Trading, and More

Scopechat, the AI-powered crypto trading assistant created by 0xScope, just released major updates that make it easier than ever for people to search for alpha, information, and analysis about crypto tokens, projects, addresses, and more! We are introducing:

1. A new and improved Trading Assistant, featuring a comprehensive Prompt Library and a more convenient way to Search for crypto tokens, projects, addresses, and entities.

2. The Discover page, which features AI-powered rankings and dashboards of the latest trending tokens based on several categories, including AI Score and KOL Calls.

3. An all-new Event Trading dashboard (accessible via the AI Score leaderboard) that tracks recent movements on a particular crypto token through an interactive chart that plots positive and negative events and their likely impact on a token's price.

With the launch of these new features, Scopechat now provides next-level, deeper, AI-powered crypto analysis, making it the only crypto trading assistant you'll ever need.

Get to know more about these features and how they can help you find alpha faster:

Prompt Library + Search on Trading Assistant

Scopechat's revamped Trading Assistant now features a more streamlined interface that empowers its users to search for crypto information faster than ever.

A major update that was just launched in Scopechat Trading Assistant is the Prompt Library, which helps users create their questions using AI-generated recommendations. You can open the Prompt Library by clicking the slash button on the left part of the search bar, as shown below:

The Prompt Library shows recommended questions that help you jump-start your search for crypto information. This feature is best used when you want to ask specific questions about a crypto token or project, like TVL rankings of lending projects or the top whales of a certain token.

With the help of the Prompt Library, Scopechat users who search for crypto data can get answers to their specific questions without having to jump across multiple websites. All the information can be given to you with the power of AI.

The Trading Assistant also features a Search function, where you can generate AI reports and quick summaries of crypto tokens, projects, addresses, and entities. Just click the magnifying glass button on the left part of the search bar, and a pop-up window will appear with Token, Project, and Wallet & Entities tabs. Just click on the tab that's related to your specific search.

When you search and choose a specific token via the Search Function, Scopechat AI will create a comprehensive token report on that token, complete with an AI Score, as well as bullish, bearish, and neutral metrics. With Scopechat, you can get a complete token report in seconds.

Discover Trending Tokens: AI Score, KOL Calls, and More

Also debuting in the new version of Scopechat is the Discover dashboard, where you can see several crypto token leaderboards, leveraging real-time Web3 data and relevant Web2 information.

The rankings displayed in the Discover dashboard takes several factors into consideration, such as social media and narrative trends, Smart Money and VC actions, price changes, and our new innovation called the AI Score.

With the AI Score leaderboard, Scopechat ranks tokens based on AI-generated token score, making it easier than ever for Scopechat users to see which tokens may have high growth potential on any given day. The AI Score is based on an analysis of market trends, historical performance, on-chain transactions, and Twitter and news content. This score reflects the potential opportunity and risk of investing in the token within the next 24 hours.

Another new dashboard under Discover is the KOL Calls leaderboard, which ranks crypto tokens based on social media sentiment and public interest. Tokens are ranked based on the following factors:

Sentiment Score: This is an AI-generated score based on KOL (Key Opinion Leader) posts mentioning a specific token. This score takes several factors into account, such as KOL mentions, the sentiment of each post, the quality of the KOLs, and the amount of views accumulated.

KOL Quality: This score is generated based on the relation between their historical posts and the price action of the mentioned tokens after the post.

24H/7D View: Accumulated views from KOLs posts mentioning a specific token in the last 24 hours or 7 days.

Popularity Increase: Popularity change is calculated based on the growth in the views of KOL posts about a certain token over the past 24 hours or 7 days.

The Discover dashboard also features the following leaderboards:

Top Gainers: A list ranking the top 300 tokens by market cap with the highest daily gains/losses.

Smart Money Top Buys: Today's ranking of tokens bought/sold by Smart Money addresses (top crypto addresses based on profit rates).

Trending Narratives: This ranking shows which major token categories have undergone the largest gains over the past day.

VC's Top Position Changes: This ranking displays the portfolio changes of venture capital (VC) firms in the past 7 days, detailing the tokens accumulated or divested by these VCs during this period.

Another major feature that you can leverage on the Discover dashboard is the Filter panel on the right side of the page. In this part, you can filter the ranking results based on a total of 27 categories, including blockchain, market cap, fully diluted valuation, funding rate, and more. If you don't see the filter you want to use from those displayed, you can click the Add More Filters button to select which filters you want to display on your Discover dashboard.

Event Trading Dashboard: Track Past Events and Their Price Impact

When you click a specific token listed on the AI Score leaderboard of the Discover dashboard, you will see that token's Event Trading dashboard. In this dashboard, you can track the token's price movement over the past day, week, or month, complete with trackers for significant market events related to the token.

On the right side of the Event Trading dashboard, you can see a log of all events, and you can also sort by positive or negative trends just by clicking the corresponding tab.

Each listed event comes with more specific metrics that help you gauge the token's price performance and future prospects. The metrics that are shown in each listed event include:

Historical Price: The average (1- or 4-hour) price change following the event type over the last 30 days.

Event Win Rate: The probability of a price change (towards the expected direction based on the event) occurring within 1 hour or 4 hours of this event happening, based on the last 30 days.

Thanks to these statistics, you can take advantage of a more in-depth analysis of a token's price movements, informing you better about your next trading strategies.

More Filters for AI Trading Signals

Scopechat's latest update also includes the debut of more filter options for the Pro-exclusive AI Trading Signals dashboard. These additional filters empower Scopechat Pro users to set more customized signals, giving them a major edge in their trading strategies.

[Want to have Pro-level access and alerts on crypto trends? Subscribe to Scopechat Pro now.]

Here are the newly added filters on AI Trading Signals:

Token Holder Change Signal: Notifies you when the number of holders of your tracked crypto token has changed by a certain percentage in the past 24 hours.

VC Position Change Signal: Informs you when the venture capital (VC) positions in a certain token change over the past 24 hours.

Whale Transaction Alert: Notifies you when there is a major transaction on your tracked token. You can set the minimum amount that qualifies as a whale transaction for your signal.

DEX Buy/Sell Volume Signal: Alerts you when the net buy or net sell amount on DEXes in the last hour is higher than the weekly average.

Token News Summary: Notifies when there is relevant news related to the token in the last hour.

KOL Token Calls: Informs you when at least 1 KOL has a post about your tracked token that has accumulated a significant amount of views in the last hour.

Conclusion: New Scopechat Features Make Crypto Investments Simpler Than Ever

Scopechat's new features give you access to a wider range of trading data than ever before. We aim to give you the simplest possible experience for searching Web3 data that's relevant to your crypto trading activities. Here's how each new feature contributes to increasing your alpha:

  • The AI Score is the simplest, one-stop metric that empowers you to discover high-potential tokens in just one second.

  • The Trading Assistant's Prompt Library and revamped Search function can expand the scope of your Web3 research, with the help of AI-generated prompts and comprehensive answers to any Web3 question you have.

  • The KOL Calls leaderboard gives you the quickest possible way to assess a token's recent popularity.

  • The Event Trading dashboard shows the most detailed analysis of recent market movements related to the token you follow, complete with projections of price movements that likely result from these updates.

  • The six new filters on the AI Trading Signals dashboard unlock more customizations on your alerts and notifications, delivering more intel for your trading strategy.

Combined, all these features take your crypto trading experience to the next level: quicker, more comprehensive, more intuitive, AI-powered.

For more information about using Scopechat, please visit the Scopechat Guide.

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