December 5, 2023

Scopechat Announces Launch Date for First 50,000 Early Access Users

(December 5, 2023) 0xScope, a Web3 data analytics company, has announced that Scopechat, a new Web3 AI-powered personal assistant that provides real-time data and insights on any crypto-related question, will launch its beta version on December 12 at 6 PM GMT+8 for the first 50,000 early access users. 0xScope has also introduced a new Scopepoints system that aims to expedite the process of strengthening Scopechat beta through user-generated suggestions and bug reports.

The first batch of users designated to get early access to the Scopechat AI-powered Web3 assistant were selected from the Scopechat waitlist, based on the number of Scopepoints they gained from referrals, social media actions, and other tasks.

"We are thrilled to introduce Scopechat to our early adopters. This tool leverages artificial intelligence to swiftly address your queries regarding tokens, projects, and addresses within the cryptocurrency domain. Think of it as your personal guide for navigating the intricate world of crypto," the 0xScope team said.

The 0xScope team extends its gratitude to everyone who signed up for the waitlist and helped promote and spread the word about Scopechat. As a result of the early adopter launch of Scopechat beta, the Scopepoints system has been expanded to active participants who provide valuable feedback and aid in the growth of Scopechat. Certain elements of the current Scopechat system require constant user feedback to deliver a more precise match to users' specific questions and to address and rectify potential delays and inconveniences in Scopechat's processing of on-chain data analysis.

"Scopechat is at its early stages of development, and as an AI-powered Web3 assistant, a robust program for gathering and incorporating user feedback is crucial to faster deployment and enhancement of its technology. To achieve this vision together, we've conceived a new idea - the introduction of a points system for Scopechat user feedback. This concept is akin to nurturing a growing child, with the 0xScope team and community acting together as guardians to ensure the child's healthy growth. We believe that 'it takes a village to raise a child,' so we aspire to actively work with our community to cultivate Scopechat into a more robust and user-friendly tool. Your engagement and support are pivotal to everybody's success."

Scopechat is an easy-to-use, intuitive, AI-powered assistant for crypto users of all levels, from beginner to expert. Backed by 0xScope's wide-coverage, high-quality data warehouse, AI-driven algorithm, and the power of LLM, Scopechat leverages public and proprietary data sets to deliver accurate, comprehensive answers to any Web3-related questions you type in. With Scopechat, users can get access to real-time Web3 data and insights from just one AI assistant, without needing to switch between multiple apps to check relevant information.

Check out a preview of Scopechat in this product video demo.

During the launch of Scopechat beta, early adopters are encouraged to provide the 0xScope team with constructive feedback on the product. Users who proactively provide feedback regarding Scopechat will be rewarded with bonus Scopepoints, which will unlock future opportunities within the 0xScope ecosystem.

"We're excited to share that Scopepoints will have versatile uses in the future, including but not limited to redeeming services for our advanced products, participating in Alpha group trade opportunity shares, offsetting fees for potential AI trading tools we may launch, and potential tie-ins with token plans. We hope these diverse possibilities will encourage your deeper involvement, enabling us to grow and explore together."

The 0xScope team will disclose further information on a wider Scopechat launch, as well as other updates about the Web3 AI-powered personal assistant, in the near future.

About 0xScope

0xScope's vision is to democratize access to Web2 and Web3 data. 0xScope's current product suite includes a set of B2B SaaS solutions and two B2C products, Scopechat and Scopescan. 0xScope B2B products empower businesses to do post-investment management, make better investment decisions, know their users' behavior, and closely monitor competitive moves. On the B2C side, Scopescan allows crypto traders to investigate the movement of funds and activities on several major blockchains. Scopechat, 0xScope’s Web3 AI assistant, answers users’ Web3 questions with real-time crypto data in an intuitive and easy-to-use way.

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