October 13, 2023

Base is Now Live on Scopescan!

0xScope is excited to announce that Scopescan has launched support for Base! The powerful Scopescan Web3 tracking solution now features Base, alongside Ethereum, BNB Chain, Arbitrum, and Polygon.

Launched to the public in August, Base is the new Ethereum Layer 2 blockchain powered by Coinbase. Over the past couple of months, several Web3 projects and protocols started building on Base, which resulted in increased interest in looking into the transactions being executed on the platform. By supporting Base on Scopescan, 0xScope responds strongly to user demand and expands the reach of Scopescan's features to more blockchains.

Base builders and enthusiasts, as well as the entire Web3 community, can now start using Scopescan to track entities, get trading signals, and perform on-chain investigations. Here are the many ways that users can look into everything that's going on in Base through Scopescan's premium solutions suite:

Visualize Base money flows

Scopescan's Money Flow feature empowers users to easily map connections between transactions on Base. Try this feature to investigate, track, and share relevant information on blockchain transactions. Is a giant VC buying or selling tokens on Base? This time, you can easily follow the money and act accordingly!

Investigate Base addresses and discover entities

Got rugged by a project on Base? With Scopescan's Address Clustering Tool, users can generate an address graph to visualize likely connected addresses. Use this tool to identify all the devs' related addresses and monitor them as a whole entity.

Track VCs and whales on Base

VC Watch is a Scopescan dashboard that exclusively analyzes data of entities related to venture capital firms, investment funds, and other related institutions. Meanwhile, Whale Watch displays data on the top holders of specific tokens, specifically owners of at least 0.01% of the total supply of tokens. Using these dashboards will give users valuable intel in anticipating major moves on the Base blockchain, based on the behavior of major stakeholders.

Visualize hot token distributions on Base

Scopescan's Token Holder Graph tool offers an in-depth analysis of token holders visualized in a hierarchy graph with groups and subgroups and finds exactly who holds the highest amount of tokens. Users looking into projects building on Base can check the distribution of any token, including externally owned addresses (EOAs), contracts, exchanges, and bridges. Protect yourself by checking token distributions on Base before you trade any trending tokens.

These are just some of the solutions that Scopescan has in store for Web3 investors, investigators, and fans who want to know more on-chain information about Base and the projects on it. If you want to dive deeper and know what Scopescan can do for you, join our Telegram and Discord communities now and get answers to your product or research-related inquiries.

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