November 9, 2023

0xScope Unveils Scopechat: The New Real-Time Web3 AI Assistant

(November 9, 2023), Web3 data analytics company 0xScope is excited to introduce Scopechat, a new Web3 AI-powered personal assistant that provides real-time data and insights on any crypto-related question.

Scopechat is an easy-to-use, intuitive, AI-powered assistant for crypto users of all levels, from beginner to expert. Backed by 0xScope's wide-coverage, high-quality data warehouse, AI-driven algorithm, and the power of LLM, Scopechat leverages public and proprietary data sets to deliver accurate, comprehensive answers to any Web3-related questions you type in. With Scopechat, users can get access to real-time Web3 data and insights from just one AI assistant, without needing to switch between multiple apps to check relevant information.

Check out what is possible with Scopechat in this product video demo.

Scopechat is slated to launch its beta version in early December, with new features to be introduced over the succeeding weeks. Users can get access to Scopechat by verifying their email addresses. Scopechat features a convenient, user-friendly, and mobile-friendly interface that shows relevant answers to their questions, as well as suggested follow-up questions.  Here are some examples of the types of questions and prompts that users can send to Scopechat:

1. Crypto trading questions: Find the latest alpha on Web3 trading by using Scopechat to display the top investments from the best-performing entities. (e.g. “What is smart money buying right now?”)

2. Web3 project information: Get a comprehensive overview of all relevant information about any crypto project. (e.g. “Tell me more about”)

3. Crypto token news and data: See the latest market trends and events regarding the crypto assets that you hold. (e.g. “Can you tell me relevant news about token XYZ?”)

4. Alerts and notifications: Set notifications to get the Web3 information you need on a real-time basis. (e.g. “Notify me when smart money addresses are buying new tokens.”)

5. VC/Whale portfolio tracking: Look into the latest money movements from high-value institutions and entities in Web3. (e.g. “Show me the current holdings of A16z.”)

6. Web3 data visualization: Let Scopechat plot charts for you. Get visual representations of interconnections between addresses, money flows, and other Web3 activities. (e.g. “Give me updates about the Unibot hack.”)

7. Crypto-related news: Stay informed on the recent events surrounding Web3, without jumping from website to website. (e.g. “Show me the latest news about Bitcoin ETFs.”)

0xScope created Scopechat as the next-step evolution of its current product suite, which includes a set of B2B SaaS solutions under the 0xScope umbrella and a B2C product called Scopescan. The Web3 data analytics company envisions Scopechat as the one-stop Web3 assistant that unlocks unprecedented value to its users. Future plans for Scopechat include the launch of additional features for displaying real-time news alerts, fulfilling trade orders, and more.

"As a one-stop AI assistant for Web3 users, Scopechat relies on 0xScope's powerful knowledge base and proprietary search and AI model to provide Web3 data services with the best real-time performance, highest accuracy, widest coverage, and strongest readability," 0xScope Co-Founder Jackson Li said in a statement about Scopechat.

Scopechat also incorporates advanced data visualization tools that allow users to create insightful charts, graphs, and reports with ease. In addition, Scopechat’s custom alerts and notifications are designed to keep users informed about the latest Web3 market movements, trends, and news, while its AI-driven algorithm constantly anticipates users' data needs and reinforces positive feedback loops for better-tailored results.

To further incentivize the growth of Scopechat, 0xScope has also introduced Scopepoints, which gives early adopters points that can unlock additional functionalities on not just Scopechat, but also the entire 0xScope ecosystem. True to its Web3 roots, 0xScope is also planning to use Scopepoints for future Web3 community rewards.

To sign up for the Scopechat waitlist, you can go to

About 0xScope

0xScope's vision is to democratize access to Web2 and Web3 data. 0xScope's current product suite includes a set of B2B SaaS solutions and two B2C products, Scopechat and Scopescan. 0xScope B2B products empower businesses to do post-investment management, make better investment decisions, know their users' behavior, and closely monitor competitive moves. On the B2C side, Scopescan allows crypto traders to investigate the movement of funds and activities on several major blockchains. Scopechat, 0xScope’s Web3 AI assistant, answers users’ Web3 questions with real-time crypto data in an intuitive and easy-to-use way.  

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