July 20, 2023

Stay 3 steps ahead with ScopeVC

How ScopeVC was born

Data is powerful and this power if applied properly can solve even the most complex problems. By partnering closely with VCs, we gained valuable insights into their challenges and pain points, allowing us to develop a solution tailored to their requirements. Working directly with top-tier Venture Capital firms in the Web3 space, we created ScopeVC, a SaaS product that addresses the specific needs of these firms. With a deep understanding of the industry and the complexities involved in investing in Web3 projects, ScopeVC offers a comprehensive platform that streamlines post-investment management, enhances due diligence processes, and increases operational efficiency. All this powered by 0xScope technology such as entity clustering, a algorithm that lets users see the comprehensive behaviour of an entity (person or company) not of a single address.

The challenges Web3 VCs are facing

Countless VCs that invest in Web3 projects have porfolios with over 50 companies. With a large portfolio size becomes challenging for VCs to keep up with and safeguard such a significant number of investments. ScopeVC offers a comprehensive solution to streamline and automate post-investment management processes, ensuring efficient tracking, monitoring, and protection of the portfolio.

The second challenge we tackled was the complex pre-investment due diligence in the Web3 space. This realm is filled with numerous opportunities and rapidly growing companies, making it challenging for VCs to identify the genuine prospects among the hype. ScopeVC provides powerful tools and analytics to conduct thorough due diligence, enabling VCs to make well-informed investment decisions.

Lastly, talking with VCs we recognized the need to increase efficiency in their operations. Most processes involved in post-investment management and due diligence are manual and time-consuming, leaving room for human error. ScopeVC’s innovative automation features eliminate tedious tasks, optimize workflows, and reduce the chances of errors, ultimately improving overall operational efficiency for VCs.

With its focus on addressing these three critical problems, ScopeVC empowers Venture Capital firms investing in Web3 projects with the tools and capabilities needed to manage their portfolios effectively, conduct efficient due diligence, and streamline their operations.

Product overview

Scope VC aims to provide one-stop investment management platform based on Multichain data and off-chain data, enabling better decision-making in both pre-investment investigation and post-investment portfolio management.

On the Home Page, you can explore an overview of the projects your company has invested in and their current financial performance.

In the Investment Intelligence section analysts can analyze the performance of new projects or project in which they have already invested.

This section provides in-depth analytics of more than 4000 Web3 projects based on multichain data and Web2 data. Analysts will be able to:

  • Explore project profiles and compare the key metrics with similar projects
  • Acquire project funding, team information, and track social media sentiment in real-time
  • Track the changes of active users, new users, bot users, and even user retention
  • Identify the potential risks by analyzing the user risk actions
  • Compare the behavior pattern difference between token holders and actual project users

VCs will be able to ask for a custom User Profile and Bots Detection Report for a specific project in the Project Report sub-section. Our team will get back to them within 48 hours with a comprehensive report they can directly download from the platform and bring to their next weekly meeting.

In the Metrics Alerts sub-section, VCs can create custom both off-chain and on-chain real-time alerts, including project sentiment alert. Getting real-time information on projects allows VCs to always be one step ahead and elevates their post-investment management to their next level.

In the Asset Management section, VCs are able to see the statistics of what they have invested in. They can manually add their off-chain investments such as equity or vesting tokens. Returns and overall portfolio metrics are calculated and visualized in an intuitive straightforward way.

In the Wallet Management section, users will be able to get detailed information about their address, including portfolio and transactions. This section helps them track portfolio performance on-chain and in real-time.

The Cash Flow feature is used to visualize the combined transaction flow of all your addresses. VCs can filter by address, transaction type, specific tokens and time period to check their cash flow data. The inflow, outflow and netflow of addresses under selected conditions will be shown with details in the table.

Under Transaction History features, you can check all the latest activity of your addresss. You can filter them by blockchain type, transaction type, address, specific tokens and time period to check specific transaction data.

Investigation Tool, the last section, offers users a range of tools for investigating on-chain data. This includes Wallet and Token analysis, Address Clustering, Money Flow, and Token Holder Analysis.

You can check more details at https://docs.scopescan.ai/features/discovery-mode/wallet-profile

Summing up

In conclusion, ScopeVC is a SaaS product designed for Venture Capital firms investing in Web3 projects. It solves three key problems: complex post-investment management for large portfolios, difficult pre-investment due diligence in a fast-growing industry, and the need for increased operational efficiency. By offering automated processes, comprehensive tracking, and analytics, ScopeVC enables VCs to effectively manage their portfolios, make informed investment decisions, and streamline their operations in the Web3 space.

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About 0xScope

0xScope vision is to democratize and decentralize access to Web2 and Web3 data. Today, the same data gets processed by different companies and individuals without a clear standard. Moreover, it takes high technical or industry expertise to analyze the data and extrapolate actionable insights. What if, for example, we told you that given an address we can trace all other addresses the owner of that address has? Imagine the insights this unlocks.

We are transforming the way people process, use, and look at data with a two-pronged approach.

On one hand, we are building an open-source data layer where people can upload, verify, process and download Web2 and Web3 data.

On the other hand, we are building analytical tools on this layer to show developers what’s possible and pave the way to community-developed powerful dApps.

Our current product suite includes a set of B2B SaaS solutions and a B2C product, Scopescan. 0xScope SaaS products empower businesses to do post investment management, take better investment decisions, know their users‘ behavior and closely monitor competitive moves. Scopescan allows crypto traders to investigate the movements of funds and activities of selected blockchains.

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