February 23, 2024

Introducing Scopechat Pro + New Features

0xScope, the Web3 AI Data Layer company, has launched several major updates on our AI-powered crypto trading assistant Scopechat, including the debut of its premium product tier Scopechat Pro.

Scopechat Pro

Scopechat Pro is our new membership system for a next-level AI-powered crypto trading experience. With Scopechat Pro, you can enjoy the following benefits:

1. Unlock 400 weekly questions for personalized analysis.

2. Get access to exclusive functions such as Watchlist and Alerts.

3. Gain early access to the latest features of Scopechat.

4. Enjoy additional benefits through bonus Scopepoints.

You can subscribe to Scopechat Pro through either of the three options, and you can pay using your credit card or using Scopepoints:

1. Monthly - Our introductory option. Get the full Scopechat experience for only $19.80 per month or 20 Scopepoints

2. Quarterly - Three-month access. Pay $49.80 per quarter and save up to $10 compared to monthly payments, or use 50 Scopepoints.

3. Yearly - 12-month access, year-long alpha. Pay $168 to save up to $70 compared to monthly payments, or use 168 Scopepoints.

To upgrade to Scopechat Pro, click the "Subscribe Now" button under your chosen subscription option to start the payment process. We use Stripe to help us support a wider range of payment methods.

Watchlist and Alerts

A major update on Scopechat is the recently launched Watchlist and Alerts feature, exclusive to Scopechat Pro subscribers.

This new feature allows you to track the latest market moves of specific crypto tokens. You can add tokens to their watchlist and receive real-time alerts about their on-chain and market metrics. Thanks to this feature, you will be able to get informed about crypto trading opportunities as they appear.

Here's what it looks like.

In addition, you can set these alerts to appear in your Discord and Telegram groups. For more info on how to set up alerts on your preferred chat app, please consult the Scopechat Guide.

More Scopechat Updates: New Customizable Token Dashboards, etc.

In addition to Scopechat Pro and the new Watchlist and Alerts feature, Scopechat has also launched major updates to its token dashboard feature. You can choose the types of dashboards that you want to see, based on the following trading strategies:

Trend Trading: Dashboards include Top Gainers, Top Losers, and Trending Narratives

Signal Trading: Dashboards include VC's Top Position Changes, CEX Deposit Ranking, CEX Withdrawal Ranking, Smart Money Top Buys, Smart Money Top Sells, and Token Unlock Ranking (NEW)

Copy Trading: Dashboards include Smart Money Holding (NEW) and VC's Top Position Changes

DEGEN: Dashboards include Trending on DEXes, Smart Money Top Buys, and Smart Money Top Sells

Each of these four strategies features a discussion on Strategy Overview, Target Audience, and Risk, to fully inform Scopechat users about their chosen strategy.

One very important update on Scopechat's token dashboards is the introduction of the Add Filter button to each of the tables generated. Use the Add Filter function to customize your table, by placing parameters such as blockchain, market cap, narrative, CEX, funding rate, and several more customizable indicators.

Scopechat has also introduced the following changes for a better user experience:

- Launched a new registration/login process that allows users to register or sign in using Metamask, WalletConnect, or OKX Wallet.

- Revamped the Scopechat user experience with a cleaner, more optimized Menu panel for Scopechat features. At the panel's top part, you can start a new chat, open the Watchlist and Alerts feature (for Pro subscribers), and see your account settings.

- Reformatted the referral and Scopepoints earning interfaces into the new Scopepoint Center feature, which can be accessed by clicking the Scopepoint Center link at the bottom part of the Menu panel.

- Introduced the Account Settings feature for handling your account details, including username, email, wallet address, and a link to upgrade to Scopechat Pro. It also contains the Sign Out button.

For more information about the latest feature updates on Scopechat, read Scopechat's Product Change Log.

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