September 21, 2023
Smart Money

Smart Money profits from Worldcoin, DeFi token ICE

Scopescan’s Smart Money feature reveals the entities that consistently manage to extract value through unconventional trades. In this report, we will unveil the array of actions undertaken by these astute investors over the past week, with the aim that you glean insights that may prove illuminating.

The data presented in this article is derived solely from Smart Money transactions during the period of September 14 to 21 2023. This implies that any purchases and holdings made prior to September 14 are not taken into consideration.

Smart Money’s Top Performing Tokens

Here are the tokens through which Smart Money has captured the most value this week. The tokens are ranked based on Smart Money’s profit amounts.

Top Performing Tokens for Smart Money Addresses (Sept. 14–21, 2023)

This week, the Smart Money top performing tokens list has more variety, with known names such as Chainlink ($LINK) and Maker ($MKR) becoming profitable options alongside the usual assortment of meme coins and DeFi tokens.

Speaking of DeFi tokens, Popsicle Finance ($ICE) led this week’s rankings, pulling in about $172,000 in total profits for the 54 Smart Money addresses making trades on the token, at an average ROI of 60.61%. The DeFi platform recently made news when its creator, popular Avalanche developer Daniele Sestagalli launched a new project called WAGMI ($WAGMI) and allowed $ICE holders to swap their tokens for $WAGMI. As a result, $ICE token elevated from this week’s low of $0.66 to as high as $1.81 on September 21.

Coming in at second place in our rankings is Worldcoin ($WLD), the much-hyped biometrics crypto project by OpenAI founder Sam Altman. The project, which gives away free $WLD tokens to people who had their irises scanned to sign up for digital identity solution World ID, has had a challenging run as of late. From its post-launch high of $2.69 in July 24, $WLD steadily sank amid scrutiny about the project, amplified by a recent ban and investigation by Kenya’s government. But this week, $WLD recovered from an all-time-low of $1 on September 14 to a 30-day high of $1.60 two days later. As a result, the 6 Smart money addresses that held on to $WLD saw cumulative profits of around $153,000.

Amid the influx of more established Web3 projects in our rankings, Smart Money still profited from meme coins such as HarryPotterObamaSonic10Inu ($BITCOIN), currently №3 in our rankings despite a generally sideways market for the token this week. The 62 Smart Money addresses that had $BITCOIN on their portfolios netted close to $117,000 in profits in total.

Smart Money Addresses to Watch This Week

The top Smart Money address this week (0x1177) rode on $WLD’s slight resurgence to gain around $147,000 in profits. This address started accumulating $WLD on September 11–15, when the token’s value was near record lows. On Sept. 16, at the token’s week-long high, this wallet sold $187,000 worth of $WLD, cementing its profits.

The next Smart Money address we’re highlighting (0x5b73) accumulated $MKR tokens between September 15–18, spending $344,000 across seven transactions at price points between $1,217 and $1,284. Aside from selling just $78,000 worth of $MKR in two transactions, this address held on to its $MKR-dominated portfolio as the token rose in value to a year-long high of $1,360, resulting in $51,000 worth of profits.

Meanwhile, Smart Money address (0xb0ac) bought a total of $962,000 worth of $LINK on September 18, when the token was at around $6.62. Two days later, when $LINK rose to $6.90, the address sold most of its holdings in the token for $979,000. This greatly contributed to the wallet’s $28,700 profit this week. We shall continue looking at this wallet and $LINK closely, because its owner mass-bought $LINK tokens anew on September 21, to the tune of $749,000.


This report is based on sources believed to be reliable, but we cannot guarantee its accuracy or completeness and are not liable for any losses arising from its use. It provides general information only and should not be seen as investment advice; users must make their own investment decisions.

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