September 14, 2023
Smart Money

Gambling, DeFi tokens beat meme coins

Scopescan’s Smart Money feature reveals the entities that consistently manage to extract value through unconventional trades. In this report, we will unveil the array of actions undertaken by these astute investors over the past week, with the aim that you glean insights that may prove illuminating.

The data presented in this article is derived solely from Smart Money transactions during the period of September 8 to 14, 2023. This implies that any purchases and holdings made prior to September 8 are not taken into consideration.

Smart Money’s Top Performing Tokens

Here are the tokens through which Smart Money has captured the most value this week. The tokens are ranked based on Smart Money’s profit amounts.

This week, trading volumes hit a new low that we haven’t seen for years. The 7-day moving average for daily exchange volumes reached as low as $9.02B as of Sept. 10, the first time since November 2020 that we have seen that metric hit below $10B. But even in a relatively inactive week of trading, Smart Money still managed to realize profits from several crypto assets. And unlike last week, when we saw the dominance of meme coins in the rankings, the top performing tokens today came from different industries in Web3.

Our top performing token this week is Rollbit Coin ($RLB), the official token of major crypto gambling site Rollbit. Since hitting its all-time-high of around $0.2095 in late August, $RLB saw major volatility this week, with its price swinging between $0.11 and $0.16. Nonetheless, the token has generally been on the uptrend over the past three months, particularly in early August, when the crypto gambling platform changed the tokenomics for $RLB. The 51 Smart Money addresses that held $RLB have collectively earned more than $250,000 from the token at an average ROI of 13.29%. Smart Money likely bought into $RLB at its low points this week, based on the token’s net inflow of more than $590,000, before selling at the right time.

Next in our rankings is relative newcomer Linq ($LINQ), a DeFi staking token that launched on Aug. 11 and is currently trading on Uniswap. $LINQ ascended from the №4 spot last week to №2 today, on the strength of the above-$170,000 cumulative profits earned by the 90 Smart Money addresses that recently traded the token at an average ROI of 55.59%. Like $RLB, $LINQ reached its all-time-high of $0.3866 in late August before a price downturn last week that was followed up by gradual recovery to its current $0.17 level.

Meme coins still make up most of this week’s rankings, with Pond Coin ($PNDC) retaining the №3 spot for the second straight week. After recording net outflows of more than $450,000 last week, $PNDC rebounded with a $309,000 net inflow from the 40 Smart Money addresses that held the token. The project seems to be performing well, at least by meme coin standards, claiming that it recently reached $50M in trade volume for its DEX. Not bad for a meme token that mishandled its token launch in late July.

Smart Money Addresses to Watch This Week

Unlike last week’s top Smart Money addresses, which quickly bought and sold meme coins for profit, two of the top addresses that we’re highlighting this week are mostly holding on to their token portfolios, at least for now.

The Smart Money address (0x460da70f9808f302e51ea30bb3698cd5fd99c8fa) is a major investor of $PNDC, holding about $200,000 in tokens, making up almost its entire portfolio. The address bought more than $173,000 worth of $PNDC tokens on Sept. 9 at $0.0000018 and sold only $6,400 in two transactions on Sept. 12 and 13, when the token price increased by as much as 22% from the point of purchase. As a result, this Smart Money address saw $57,000 in profits at an ROI of 15.93%. This is one of the 7 Smart Money addresses that extracted the highest amount of profit from $PNDC.

Another Smart Money address (0xe5e499aee4c3b079be9d21e5a6f1f7083ad52cee) leveraged its investment in $LINQ for a $49,000 profit this week at an impressive 42.67% ROI. This wallet currently owns about $90,000 in $LINQ, with its only other major bet being a $21,000 holding in the $0x0 token by AI smart contract auditing project Unlike the one-shot purchase of $PNDC in the previous case, this investor went on a buying spree of $LINQ across 22 separate transactions between Sept. 9 and 11. After a quick series of selloffs worth just more than $2,000 on Sept. 13, the address bought about $10,000 more $LINQ later the same day. Aside from this wallet, 12 other Smart Money addresses have $LINQ as their top performing token profit-wise.

Compared to last week’s generally paper-hands approach to managing crypto tokens, some of Smart Money’s top performers are betting big on one token and sticking to it. A lot of trading insights can be gleaned from observing when Smart Money addresses deal crypto assets quickly and when they choose to hold on strongly to their chosen tokens.

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This report is based on sources believed to be reliable, but we cannot guarantee its accuracy or completeness and are not liable for any losses arising from its use. It provides general information only and should not be seen as investment advice; users must make their own investment decisions.

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